Barbara Ambroz

Barbara AmbroseBarbara specializes in dance technique, dance education, holistic dance training, characterization, music-movement relationships and partnering. Her special interest is in researching Latin-American music and rhythms and authentic dance forms. For that purpose she visits Latin America and Cuba regularly.
Barbara’s home base is Ljubljana, Slovenia. She also travels (to over 45 countries) to lecture, to teach or judge at prestigious events like The Open British, World championships and Grand Slam competitions.

Shirley Ballas

Shirley Ballas At this time in her life, Shirley's inspiration is coaching. Her belief is to help couples achieve their dreams and attain their best results by guiding them through the competitive process and dealing with every aspect as thoroughly as she can. One of her greatest values is "Be true to yourself".



Charlotte Jorgensen

Charlotte Jorgensen

Aleksandar Josipović

Aleksandar JosipovićProfessional Dancer, Performers coach, and Movement Educationist.
Aleksandar holds a Masters in NLP Studies and a Bachelors Degree (BA) in dance pedagogy where he focuses on the basic structure of dance development then shows how this structure interacts with today's stylistic and technical elements. Aleksandar is a co-developer of numerous performing art projects and is known through his application of performance skills to different dance styles. As a former competitive Latin and Standard dancer and now international trainer, Aleksandar is committed to support and encourage the highest degree of excellence in dance, dance pedagogy, movement, performance and non-verbal communication.

Andrew Sinkinson

Andrew SinkinsonKnown as a purist, Andrew has always dedicated himself to the Art of Ballroom Dance, remaining true to his belief that the essence of dance is "two bodies moving as one". He is known for his musical sensitivity and classical approach to the various dances.

World Amateur Standard Champion
Winner of the U.K., International, and Open British Amateur Standard
Silver Medalist in all major Professional International Standard Championships with Charlotte Jorgenson
Popular teacher and lecturer

Ruud Vermeij

Ruud VermeijRuud specialises in choreology — a dance study — at the Laban Centre University in London. After finishing his Masters degree, his book, “Latin. Thinking, Sensing and Doing Latin American Dancing” was successfully published. He teaches the principles of choreology around the world in both Standard and Latin American dancing. Ruud has a PhD in dance and is a university professor in dance. In addition to his speciality in dance he also has a Masters degree in psychology.

Maximillian Winkelhuis

Maximillian WinkelhuisMaximiliaan is a performance coach. He helps to free the delicious dancer hiding inside each competitor. His clients learn how to concentrate, how to cope with their emotions and how to handle stress effectively. He assists in strategic year planning, effective practices and in developing the personal style of the dancers. Maximiliaan’s book “Dance to Your Maximum” has become a must-read to both competitors and dance coaches alike. It has been published in English and Russian with a Chinese edition on it’s way.