Nadia EftedalNadia Eftedal is an internationally known, champion-level ballroom dancer with an exceptional portfolio of awards and titles. She began her dancing career at the age of eight in Hollywood, California.

Throughout her junior, amateur and early professional years, Nadia competed in both International styles of Standard and Latin ballroom.

While still in her teens, Nadia was selected the runner-up in the Rising Star Standard division of the U.S. National Championships. She teamed up with Johan Eftedal in 1983.

Nadia and Johan rose to the top of their field, and began competing and placing in Major International Finals. They relocated to London, England where they continued studying under the most famous instructors in the world. They are most proud of their training from Mr. Walter Laird, considered to be the greatest of all dance teachers. Their partnership proved to be very successful.



Nadia and Johan won many prestigious titles including:

Johan and Nadia traveled extensively performing numerous lectures, demonstrations and teaching trips throughout Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States.

They have made instructional videos available in Japan and the United States. Once they retired in 1994, Nadia returned to California where she continues to train top competitive couples, lecture and adjudicate major competitions.

Nadia is certified as a World Class level "A" adjudicator and has represented the United States in many World professional and amateur championships. Since 2005, Nadia has been the American representative to judge the prestigious Open British Championships, held in Blackpool, England.

She was elected as a presidium member of IPDSC (International Professional Dancesport Council) in charge of the rules committee in 2007. As of January 2008, Nadia is also an examiner for the US Terpsichore Association, which provides medals for students and judging certification. She also organizes one of America's most famous dance training seminars, The Holiday Ball and Dance Camp.